Face 23



Look Closer

Spend a minute looking at the many expressions of a mother.

What do you see?

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Look Deeper

The many emotions we experience in life and as a mother surely record themselves on our face.

But this one has to be my favorite.

What are your thoughts?



Smile your eternal smile!


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 Looking Back

Why did you want to participate in #40Faces?

I wanted to participate because I was already looking into the idea that we are all beautiful and valuable, and this aligned perfectly with those ideas.

What were your feelings and thoughts while I was taking your pictures?

I was a little nervous and concerned, but you quickly made that disappear. I remember I was worried that you’d have on full makeup and I would feel “underdressed”, but you just looked beautiful and natural. I’m sure you had makeup on, but it wasn’t the overdone look that we often see in the world. So I soon relaxed and we chatted and you clicked. Our small talk helped me forget you were taking picture.

What were your first and honest thoughts when you saw your pictures for the first time? After looking at them for a while? Now?

My first thoughts were “Wow. That’s me. I look so different from the side. I’ve sure got a lot of wrinkles…” I was only able to look at them on my phone (such small photos…) until I got home, and I was curious to see how I’d respond to seeing them much larger. Once I got home and was able to see them on my computer, I looked at them for a long time. I kept the tab open and kept going back to look again. It was a few days before I could close the tab. I’m not sure why. Maybe I needed that time to “get acquainted” with views of myself that I hadn’t see much of? Now, I hadn’t looked at them in a week or so, and so I opened it back up. I feel like I need to leave it open again for a few days and re-visit my face to get reacquainted again. I may need to print these out and put them where I see them more often.

Before #40Faces what was your perception of beauty? What did you think of yourself? Others? 

Before 40 Faces, I thought the ideal face was perfect, with no flaws or scars. I thought the only way to achieve that is with plenty of makeup. Though my teenage son and a few other people have told me that I don’t need makeup, I still thought it was important to minimize the scars or hide them with my hair, makeup, etc. I was very self-conscious of my scars before. Now, I look at it more as they are part of what makes me who I am…Like my stretch marks (tiger stripes) that show that I was pregnant. My scars are my battlewounds. While I’d love a perfect face, reality is, we each have quirks and that’s a very good thing. I wasn’t usually super-critical of others, but now I have a greater appreciation for the things that make each person unique.

What was your favorite post in the series, other than your own, why?

It is really hard to choose a favorite face. They were each special. I wanted to make a comment on each and every face (but haven’t yet), because I loved seeing them and loved getting comments on mine! I’m hoping to go back and finish commenting. I particularly loved seeing all the young girls, because they have no self-consciousness at all. And somewhere on of the days, you asked “when did we lose that freedom to love the way we look” or something like that, in relation to how children feel confident and upbeat and have a “look at me!” attitude. I’ve been looking at that, and trying to identify when kids change from carefree to more conscious of themselves and others. I’m not sure yet when it is, but I think it happens at different times for different people.

Okay, if I have to choose one face, I guess my favorite face was #35, because I loved seeing the “magic” between her and her daughter. But honestly, I could say nice things about all of them, given a few minutes with each again.

Any other thoughts?

I think my favorite of my own faces is probably the one where I’m looking off in the distance and my eyes are getting teary. I was probably talking about my kids and how much I love them, or something else that I feel passionate about. It’s nice to see so much emotion in the photo.


  1. Such beauty! I first looked on my phone, and then on the computer. “Big screen” you can really see and feel the emotion, strength and resolve with in her.

  2. Wow, is she amazing! I easily picked out my favorite one. She seems “reflective” in it. She has such an awesome smile. What a beautiful woman!

  3. This is my face. There are some I really like, and some that surprised me — especially profile shots! No one ever really sees a profile of themselves…

    I left the tab with these pictures open for several hours, and periodically went back to look at them again. Today, I know I should check for Face 24, but something in me isn’t quite ready yet to let go of the pictures of my face. I will open another tab for Face 24.

    Thanks, Wendy, for letting me participate. I benefited from the experience!

    • Don’t close the tab for your face until you love every detail in your profile! I love profiles but it is always surprising to those to whom it belongs! It is true we never see our profiles and so maybe that is why we don’t generally like them! But we should! It is every bit a part of us! Thank you for taking part in the project! You are amazing and your pictures put the biggest smile on my face! I hope I get the smile lines you have!

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