Face 4

Look Closer

Admire the details on this beautiful face for 1 minute.

What do you see?




Look Deeper

Every detail about me makes me beautiful. I believe it. Do you?


A little tidbit about this sweet girl. When she got home she watched You Are Beautiful with her mom. Afterward this beautiful daughter made her mom declare out loud, “I am beautiful!”

She’s probably make you do it, too, if she thought you had any doubt.

Declare it!

I am beautiful!


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  1. This cute girl has the face of wonder, curiosity, trust, understanding, belief and caring. Her eyes shine as she sees the good in those around her. For her to truly know and believe in her beauty throughout her life, her examples will also need to love life as she does. Her freckles and whispy hair are wonderful attributes to her whimsical beauty. Yes, she is beautiful outside and inside.

    • Chalene who are you?? Seriously, I love your insights and gift to describe what you see. It is beautiful and refreshing! Thank you again for taking the time to write your thoughts.

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