Happy Monday Face

Happy Monday Face


You see it on facebook everyone is making jokes and commiserating with each other over how much they dread Monday’s. For many, Monday’s are the day we all get back to work, whether we work out of the home as a teacher, accountant or doctor or in the home as a dish washer, laundress or specialty chef for kid cuisine… as a mom you are probably all of the above! On top of that, the weekend was so fun and you have the mess to prove it, yet those who helped make the mess are no where to be found—except for the slobbering toddlers who are give you a tug on the leg while you rest for a moment to read this— who are conveniently back at work and school.

Maybe you even wake up Monday morning full of hope with a week full of exciting perspectives, but by 10am the reality and weight of life sets in and you slump down on the kitchen floor next to all the crumbs and sticky spills to take in your to-do list.

Tip from my Monday to-do list: Every Monday can be a chance at a fresh start, a time to reset and set some goals. Along with all the house chores and service projects you have signed yourself up for this week, add a little something on there for just you. Make it a priority. It may not happen on Monday but plan for something mid-week. Maybe hire a mother’s helper and work on something that you have been putting off, you know we all have those projects tucked around the house. You are priority! Don’t forget that.

What tips do you have that help you make Monday’s something to look forward to instead of dread?

Looking forward to a day other than Friday can help break up the week and make that Happy Monday Face a little less forced.

What will you accomplish this week? Besides the house chores… so many possibilities!

~ bedheadmom

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