I Think I Can… Maybe?If

It has been over a week since I last went running. That 1/2 marathon isn’t going to be easy or even doable if I don’t pick up and run more often. I can think about it all I want, set goals and eat well, but if I’m not running my muscles just aren’t going to be able to run it and my mind isn’t going to let me finish.

Tonight’s run taught me a thing or two about myself. First was, I can run downhill just fine. Sign me up for a downhill marathon any day! Second thing, running up a hill is tough and I give up way too easy. I could hear the thoughts swirling in my head. “You don’t have to do this. Why try so hard? If you feel like stopping, stop.” Well, I did stop a time or two on the way back up, but I realized I didn’t need to. I stopped just because I thought I could and if I could why not? When I got home I had a headache, but I wasn’t sweating. Not like I do at Crossfit where I am pushed to my limits, which tells me I let myself slack a lot on this run.

I did run it downhill 2.5 min faster this time, which means I can push myself a lot more because I wasn’t even out of breath at the bottom. Next, my goal is to run/jog the whole way up the hill next time without those unneeded breaks. I  think I can do it! Now to prove it to myself. I think I am my own worst enemy with how easy I let myself slack off.

What was most provoking was the thought that maybe those negative thoughts about physical effort not only affect my running, but maybe other aspects of my life as well. Am I lazy? Do I give in when there is resistance? Maybe.

Well, if nothing else, the next time I make that run, and I plan to do it often, I will try to be a little more like the Little Engine that could. Instead of letting myself quit just because I think can, I will prove to myself that I thought I could… run the whole way up!

I know it will feel amazing. I just have to find that motivation.

What motivates you to push your limits and run your best?


If you are what you eat, then maybe you are what you think too.
Gotta feed myself some positive thoughts!

I can make it up that hill!


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  1. Loving these posts! Thinking about your questions what keeps me going when my body is starting to complain are two things; first, I’m super competitive – like extremely in some cases – and if I know that I have made that run before and finished it I keep telling myself that giving up is not an option, so it’s almost like a competition with myself and my own self-defeating thoughts, my ultra competitive spirit kicks in and I keep pushing. Second, I have to, absolutely have to remind myself that I can do hard things but the trick is doing this before I go running, it feels almost like a decision I make that when my body – which it always does – starts complaining and I feel the urge to stop that I already made the decision to keep going because I can do hard things, truth is it sucks but I do it and then it feels good haha…Thanks for sharing!

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