Bedhead Mom Series: What I’m Supposed To Do

Have you ever looked back and wondered when the first time was that you actually saw yourself as a mother? Or have you always known you wanted to be a mom; feeding and putting diapers on your dolls, bossing your younger siblings around and babysitting at an age that most are still being babysat? Well, no matter what you thought motherhood was all about, one thing is certain, you don’t know what you’ve gotten into until you are one!


2 boys, 1 girl

Didn’t always want to be a mom

Maybe it started with the fact that all her mom wanted to dress her in was dresses when all she wanted to do was play soccer. Can’t exactly play soccer in a dress…

(Fans of Amanda Bynes will remember the scene in “She’s the Man” that proves my point!)

But then something changed in her life that would alter her perspective on life and ultimately, motherhood.

She joined the Mormon Church, or by it actual name, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. While serving a full-time mission for The Church, she witnessed first-hand the joy of a Christ-centered family that believed they would be together forever and knew that one day she, too, would want that joy for her family.

She says,

[box] It was like I finally figured out that this is what I’m supposed to do![/box]

She thinks about her last statement realizing “supposed to” is a harsh statement and not quite what she meant. Not “supposed to” out of duty, but rather, the most important thing she would do in her life.

That doesn’t mean that things are easy for her. That some days she doesn’t want to break down and cry because the kids are driving her crazy with all the fighting and back-talking, dumping toys and well, just plain, not behaving like they are “supposed to.”

So what keeps her motivated?

She laughs…

“I’m not sure. {A pause } Depends on the day.”

Today it is this one!

“I’m not doing this (motherhood) because I am “supposed” to do it. It’s not that at all. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and wouldn’t trade it for the the world… bad days and all. This is the best time of my life!!!”

P.S. “Is it so wrong that now all I want to do is dress my little girl up in dresses??”

Haha! We all eventually become our mothers in some way! Love you Mari!

Enjoy your crazy days!

~bedhead mom

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