Planned Shoots

Here are some of the projects that I am currently working on or would like to work on in the future:

Bedhead Mom Series
Interviews and photos of real, everyday mothers. Photos are taken without make-up or hair done and without the aid of photoshop, to show the world how beautiful mothers really are! It is what they sacrifice that makes them beautiful.

Grown Mother and Daughter
Celebrating the joy of a daughter becoming a mother.

Celebrating the wrinkles that make us beautiful and tell our life story.

Lifestyle Shoots
Pregnancy, birth, kids invading our bed, night waking, illness, nursing, baby carrying, first time mom, large family life, special needs, etc.

Cause Worthy
If there is a cause you are passionate about tell me about it!

Bedhead Dad Series
Similar to the Bedhead Moms Series, but with Dads. A tribute to the hardworking, loving caring fathers in our lives! Mothers, sign your husbands up:)

If there are any that you would like to be involved in, contact me and we will schedule it. I love taking pictures of my friends, but I also love making new ones, so don’t be shy and let’s show the world how beautiful being a mother and woman is!



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