Series of {un}Fortunate Bedhead Moms: Countdown to Mother’s Day

Over the next 8 weeks we will be celebrating moms and their awesome bedhead in honor of Mother’s Day on May 13th. And just like I feel about my birthday, one day just isn’t enough so we will start now! We may never stop…

I will be photographing mothers first thing in the morning. No make-up, hair undone and simply dazzling. Of course, they don’t feel that way, but of the photo shoots that I have done for this series thus far, all I can say is that they (the mothers) are simply beautiful. Here is a glimpse of the pictures that I have been privileged to take… My friends have all reminded me that they agreed to do this because they love me. I hope you will love them too!

I worry a little that this project might not get off the ground because you may not know these moms personally, they aren’t celebraties, and so you’ll wonder what is the point? All I can say is that I have been inspired by each and everyone of them. I’ve learned things about them I didn’t know, even though I’ve known them for years. I was surprised by the depth and character of each mother and her story. I know you have one too! While I won’t share anything extremely personal about them each of them, they have all agreed to share a little about what keeps them motivated and happy, as well as the causes they are passionate about.

I hope that this blog becomes an uplifting source of comfort and encouragement for the every day mom. Let’s learn to greet ourselves with greater love in the morning and cease comparing ourselves to the photoshopped mom. We all are amazing inside and out. I believe this project will open our eyes to that… Well, once we wash the sleep from our face and can see again. So please join me! You won’t regret it! And please share it will all the mothers you know! You don’t know who might need the encouragement today.

Because I’m not a professional photographer and know next to nothing about how to use a fancy DSLR I have gravitated to the Hipstamatic for the iPhone to use on these shoots, since that is what I use to photograph my family and my life already… I’m really quite in love with it. To see some of the pictures I have taken over the past year visit my Hisptadaily blog. Other than the in camera effects, some are quite artistic, there will be no photoshopping… Well, I might dab out the distracting sleep from their eyes, but other than that the pictures are pure and untouched, the way all photos should be so we don’t have to “compete” with the virtual girl on the magazine cover. Why are we competing anyway? They have stylists, PR people and work out like 20 hours a day or something on top of  being perfected by highly skilled Photoshop artists. Ha. We just don’t have time for that and it’s “virtually” impossible to try to keep up with that anyway. We have much more important things to worry about, right?

If you live in UT or CA and would like to do a bedhead shoot between now and Mother’s Day, please contact me. I can’t promise that it will work out, but I would love to try!

Also, if you wake up one morning and have amazing bedhead, stand next to a window, smile or make a funny face and take a picture. Send it in with your favorite motherhood quote or mantra/motto.

I love comments, so say hello!

Remember you are beautiful in the morning and all day!

~bedhead mom





  1. Awesome! Thinking much along the same lines… I just came up with a website widget about a month ago called “Own Your Bedhead!” where the user can take their pic with their webcam and then choose a short description to place below it and post it to Twitter automatically. Check out the prototype at this Twitter account (!/grantbazely — in the most recent tweet click view photo, kinda generic, but just a test). Also registered and will be doing something very similar.

    Way to go!

  2. That is fun! It will be fun to review your site and widget at some point. I love this line of thinking. I totally own my bedhead! Thanks for commenting and letting me know about your projects!

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