We Have a Heartbeat!

Being a mom, there are certain things that make your heart skip a beat, like when you see your baby for the first time and then see them take their first step. Other times your heart will be pounding as you wait for your son to be announced  the new ASB president. Then there are those times, as a mom, when it just stops dead in it’s tracks… Like the moment you realize that your 3 year old might have just killed the family dog. Yes, the 3 year old. Don’t know how hegot his finger wound up in the coller—2 times around— and the dog is limp. A sad picture until dad, thankfully he was home, gives the dog the unthinkable—mouth to mouth—and exclaims, “We have a heartbeat!” **

And so does this site!

It seems that just talking about motherhood has given it a beat.

While I still have a long way to go to be where I want to be, it is an awesome start!

In just over a month…

1100+ views

800+ people

3200+ pages visited

And people are staying to read the content!

It really does look like a heart beat, doesn’t it? And about as changing as our own with all the different circumstances that arise in our lives. According to this graph, I only lost the kids at the mall like every 2-3 days. No big deal! The hugs I got afterward are priceless!

Thank you all for your support! You mean the world to me. That is why I am doing what I do. I want to show you and the world how beautiful you really are, even before your make-up is on or your hair is done. It is what you are doing, what radiates from within… what comes from your heart, that makes you beautiful.

Help me keep the site alive!
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And share the posts that matter to you.
 ** Update: the kid and dog are now best friends. True story, although not mine. Thanks Jenni for sharing it with me!
You all make my heart happy!
~bedhead mom


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