Weak No More

Since I was young I have always been very aware that I am pretty weak when it comes to anything physical. It was even more evident when I tried out for volleyball in my freshman year. I was there all week doing my best. But I would get so out of breath, my legs would feel super heavy and I just wasn’t as light on my toes as most of the other girls. I heard the coaches praise them and I heard nothing about me. Then one day, one of the coaches came up to me and said, “You’re good at volleyball, but if you aren’t going to try harder than you have been don’t come back tomorrow.” I was crushed. I saw how the other girls would run laps around me. This solidified in my mind (true or not) that not only was I weak I was weaker than everyone else. I didn’t go back the next day. Instead I signed up for marching band and never did anything terribly physical ever again. That is, until last week!  5 kids and 17 years later.

In one week I started Crossfit and committed to two 1/2 marathons! I don’t run, never seem to have time to work out and have 5 kids. I don’t know why I accepted any of these challenges. Not to mention all the writing and photography I am doing for this blog and other projects. Every day I try to understand what just happened to my life?! And I wonder, “How am I going to accomplish all of this?” But there is something inside of me that is urging me on. Something telling me that I need to do this.


My first run on this journey. A night run because that is when I had time! 12.5 minute mile. Which was good because I didn’t feel like quitting at any point!

For me this isn’t about being the strongest or the fastest. It is about getting over those false beliefs that I let sink deep into my soul. It is about being able to reach my goals without giving up, without listening to that nagging voice in my head that is telling me I can’t do it.

I never wanted to quit volleyball, but I did. And since that day I have vowed to never quit anything ever again, especially now. I know the strength lies within me. I can feel it. Now is time to get fit! Time to rebuild and release that inner strength that will help me become strong physically. As a mother and as an individual I know I need to do this. I have experienced amazing things already and can’t wait to write about it.

No more excuses. It is time to enjoy life in a new way! I am going to start tracking my progress as of now.

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I would love to hear your stories and hear of your progress as well! I know it will encourage me to keep going no matter how hard it gets.

Weak no more!






  1. YOU inspire ME, My Friend. How I love you! I am so glad to have you in my life. This will be just another wonderful journey for you. I look forward to reading all about it. And I will share this journey with you to a small extent as I loose 12 pounds of my own! P.S. You looked GREAT yesterday!

  2. Wendy, I love the tittle of your project/goal. I have always considered myself active, I’ve danced most of my life, specially during high school dancing from 3-5 hours a day, and when there was competition more. So you could say I had pretty good physical condition. And then I started college, for the first year I maintained dancing, and kept myself active but by my sophomore year I pretty much stopped. Since then I have really struggled to be consistent, I have periods when I’m on fire running and doing strength training…and then I miss once or twice and fall back to doing nothing haha….Right now I don’t feel like I’m on fire, but I’m being consistent, I force myself to run 3 times a week even when I don’t want to – I’ve realized that even when I don’t want to I do need it – because I know that if I start making excuses it’s over…I’ll be back to doing nothing! Thanks for sharing your determination as it helps me with mine!

  3. Denhi,
    I am so glad I met you! Thank you for the encouraging words! I am not a dancer for sure but am attempting to learn a routine for a music video my husband and I are going to make. It is actually what spurred the determination to get in shape. And from there it has been amazing learning to strengthen ourselves and get in shape. My goal is to run 3 days a week too but it hasn’t been easy. You’re persistence is motivating!

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