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When most people think of talk radio they think sports and politics, maybe even just edgy conversations, right? Well, the show, Celebrating Women, with host Cate Allen is different. It is about topics that matter to women: health, relationships and even products that can bless our lives. Topics that celebrate who we are and what we love.

Tune in live Monday and Tuesdays from 9-10am MST on AM 630 or click here to listen online from anywhere in the world. If you are listening live, call in with questions and comments: 801-254-5855. The guest hosts are great resources for many of your questions and concerns.

I was introduced to the show after being invited to come on the show (click here to here my episode). Before then I hadn’t listened to the radio since cassettes were the big thing and I can’t say that I have ever listened to AM radio. But with live streaming on the computer and after being introduced to this show, I just may have to be a regular.

Today’s show, Monday August 27, 2012, was especially fun with guest host Karen Kindred, a relationship and marriage counselor, personal motivational coach and individual therapist for over 30 years.

To hear the whole show, click here!

Here are the highlights of the show:

Three priorities to have a healthy and successful relationship:

#1 Go on dates once a week and enjoy them. This is not the time to bring up issues or problems you are having but time to have fun. Groups dates don’t count.

#2 Remember you are an autonomous person not just a part of a couple.

Autonomous: to be your own person, have interests outside of your relationship

Three types of relationships: dependent , independent, interdependent (overlapping but still your own person.)

#3 Have friends, be social. Group dates, Guy’s Night, Girl’s Night and so forth. Consider having friends outside of work as well.

Plan out your week and time:

It may seem petty, but if your husband is going to take time out to golf, then the next week, for instance, you have the same time to do something you like to do. She reminded us, it isn’t petty, it is a boundary that you set as a couple.

Chatting and Talking:

Some men just don’t know how to chat. But she encourages them to look at their day and find 2-3 interesting things that happen to share with their spouse, girlfriend or date.

When bringing up issues or problems here are some key things to remember:

-Date night is not the time to bring those up. Don’t contaminate your special time together.

– Ask the other person if it is a good time. If it is not then have them tell you when it might be a better time.

– Limit talk time to 20 min. You usually can’t get too worked up in that time and keeps the discussion on topic.

– Talk in 2 min intervals

She also gave some more great ideas on communicating better and dating tips for those who aren’t married. Check out the show! And tune in each Monday and Tuesday for more great topics just for women. Also, you can connect to K-Talk’s facebook page to get more of the inside scoop.

Also, if you are in need of some professional advice on relationships and marriage contact Karen Kindred at:


 or give her a call at 801-518- 3006

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